Eight Marks CD

The Eight Marks of a Disciple. An audio message by KBM itinerant speaker John Vermilya

A disciple loves, worships, follows, obeys, and submits his life in devotion to Jesus, His kingdom and His agenda. For a disciple, Jesus is King, Master, Teacher, Savior, Lord and friend, the very source of life. A disciple is a special kind of student, one who is totally committed to staying up close and personal to the master, and learning His ways. This audio resource teaches the eight marks of a disciple in short 7-10 minute tracks. The CD can be utilized personally or in a group as individual lessons or in one long session. Each audio track begins with the words of Jesus as recorded in the Scriptures, and features original music that enhances the learning experience. Whether you are a new Christian or a weathered veteran, this CD should challenge and fuel your spiritual journey.

By KBM itinerant speaker John Vermilya