Spiritual Life Notebook and Guide

This is a great tool to help you manage your spiritual disciplines in a practical way!

Each day, God reveals Himself to us in new and fresh ways. He reveals things about His character. He reveals new insights into His Word. He reveals new insights about ourselves. He reveals new insights about this world.

But, too often, we forget these things; we lose track of the treasures He has revealed to us. Experts tell us that we'll forget much of what we don't write down. By recording and pondering what God is showing us, we demonstrate to Him that we treasure what He's giving us!

Forge's Spiritual Life Notebook and Guide, are tools you can use to help you journal the things God is teaching you. But this notebook, developed by Forge's founding president Dwight Robertson, is more than just a journal. It has sections for you to keep notes on personal Bible studies, sermons and growth resources. It also encourages growth in your prayer life with a section to help you record and track answers to prayer requests. There are additional sections to help you track your encouragement of others, scripture memorization and financial giving. The Spiritual Life Notebook is a great tool to help you daily grow in your walk with God.